Nintendo Switch Standalone Dock Gets Release Date

Nintendo Switch console

During its Nintendo Direct presentation this week, Nintendo announced it will begin selling standalone Nintendo Switch docks starting May 19th. The Nintendo Switch docks will be available for purchase from Nintendo’s online stores and select retailers for $90 a piece.

Nintendo did not yet reveal which retailers will be receiving the standalone docks, but it shouldn’t be hard to guess that major stores like GameStop, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Target are likely on the shortlist. Online retailers like Amazon will also likely be included in the list of available stores.

Obviously, a second or third dock isn’t necessary to play the Nintendo Switch at home, since the console-handheld hybrid device comes with a dock in the original box. However, moving the dock around the house to different TVs may become a burden for some gamers. In that case, having multiple docks will be a nice option.

While the Nintendo Switch itself is a mobile gaming device, having a dock to take on vacation to hotels, or to hook up at a friend’s home without having to fiddle with the one at home will be a big selling point for many Nintendo Switch owners.

Those looking to pick up a new dock can get one for $59.99, along with a separately sold AC adapter, which will be available for $29.99. We will note that the new standalone docks will be available in limited quantities. That’s not surprising considering how difficult it can be to find a Nintendo Switch. Fortunately, Nintendo is ramping up production to meet the high demand for its new flagship console.

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With docks selling separately, and priced reasonably, it will be interesting to see if Nintendo begins marketing the docks alone to highly-visited areas, such a hotels. If Nintendo meets its expected sales numbers over the next year or two, it certainly could become commonplace to see Nintendo Switch docks available wherever TVs are used for entertainment.

Nintendo also discussed other hardware during the Nintendo Direct event, including new yellow Joy-Con controllers and battery pack set to arrive in June. The company also announced some new games for the Nintendo Switch, including Payday 2 and Minecraft.

The Nintendo Switch standalone dock will be available in limited quantities on May 19, 2017.

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