Following the official reveal of the Switch in Japan, Nintendo releases the system’s official specs, including the tablet’s resolution and storage capacity.

The Nintendo Switch was finally given a full reveal Thursday evening during a presentation that was broadcast live from Japan. Nintendo confirmed the Switch’s price point and release date and gave fans a look at upcoming Switch games, including Super Mario Odyssey. Following the presentation, additional details were revealed on Nintendo’s website, including the official specs for the Switch.

As was previously rumored, the Switch’s tablet uses a 6.2 inch multi-touch capacitive screen running at 1280 x 720 resolution. Like the Deluxe model of the Wii U, the Switch boasts 32 GB of internal storage. But the system also has a spot for microSDXC cards for increased storage, according to Nintendo.

It’s likely Nintendo will allow digital downloads of certain games onto the system but every Switch game purchased at retail comes installed on a cartridge called a “Game Card”. The cartridges don’t appear to be much larger in size than what Nintendo fans are used to on the 3DS. It’s also been confirmed that most major games will cost $60.

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The Switch’s battery can last up to 6 hours, but more graphically intensive games will run for less time. An image shown during the presentation implied that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will run for about 3 hours in-between charges. The tablet can be plugged in for charging via USB-C while it’s away from the TV dock.

GameSpot notes that every Switch ships with the TV dock, two Joy-Con controllers with Joy-Con Grip and a Joy-Con strap that’s similar to the one used in conjunction with the Wii remote. The system has two speakers along the bottom and a 3.5 mm headphone jack at the top.

Finally, as was also rumored, the Switch uses a Nvidia Tegra-based system on a chip for its processor. This leaves the system at a power disadvantage when compared to the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, but games like Zelda and Mario Odyssey still looked gorgeous and ran smoothly during the presentation.

Overall, there are no huge surprises in the Nintendo Switch’s specs. Most of the system details are on-par with what has been rumored since the console was first revealed last October. Yes, some gamers may prefer more internal storage or better battery life, but the ability to add an SDXC card and charge the tablet via USB-C should help alleviate the pain. The Switch’s specs are good enough for what Nintendo is advertising: a home console that players can take with them for short bursts on the go.

The Nintendo Switch will retail for $299 and releases March 3, 2017.

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