Nintendo Switch: Fans Haven't Seen Everything Yet

Nintendo confirms that the company hasn't "shown everything" to fans just yet, and we go over an in-depth look at what is known about the Nintendo Switch.

It goes without saying that it's been a busy week for Nintendo. The Japanese company finally unveiled the Nintendo Switch this week, revealing a brand new console with the ability to play games as a handheld mobile device. The debut trailer caught the attention of fans around the globe, although investors aren't entirely sold on the idea of the Nintendo Switch just yet.

A company spokesperson for Nintendo told media outlets that more Nintendo Switch news wouldn't be arriving until 2017, sometime ahead of its release in March. Despite this, another spokesperson said that the company hasn't "shown everything," and Nintendo has gone on to confirm or deny different aspects of the next generation Nintendo console. This includes the fact that the console will support amiibo figures, won't play Wii U discs, and is an entirely single-screen experience.

Nintendo Switch Third Party Support
Price, price, baby.

Fans have begun analyzing every aspect of the trailer to discover less obvious features that Nintendo hasn't specifically mentioned, and came up with a few discoveries: the main portable unit of the Nintendo Switch looks like it can be charged without placing it in the Nintendo Switch TV stand, and the Joy-Con sides appear to have both trigger and bumper buttons. As some gamers have pointed out, the plus and minus start and select buttons seem to be a long way apart, and it'll be interesting to hear how Nintendo justifies that decision.

When the Nintendo Switch releases this March, Nintendo has shown that the Switch will have no shortage of third-party support this time around. Epic Games has announced a new deal which will allow the Nintendo Switch to support Unreal Engine 4, which may allow the prospect of a horrifyingly realistic Kirby after all. When it comes to first-party content, the Big N has shown a glimpse of an all-new Mario game which may have open-world content, and it's possible that new Mario Kart and Splatoon content is heading into the next generation with the Switch as well.

Ultimately, there's plenty left to explore when it comes to the Nintendo Switch, but gamers will have to wait a few more months until Nintendo is ready to answer such questions. We've speculated that the Switch's impending success or failure hinges on the battery performance of the main Switch unit, as a poor performance here will leave gamers frustrated with the mobility angle of the device – and clearly, this is something Nintendo is showing off as a prominent selling point.

The Nintendo Switch will release sometime in March 2017, and Nintendo will announce more details about the console in early 2017, ahead of its release.

Source: GameSpot

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