Nintendo Switch SNES Wireless Controller Available for Pre-Order Now

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Not too long ago, Nintendo revealed SNES games were coming to Nintendo Switch Online, which was a huge quality of life improvement to the hybrid console's online mode. Because of this and other features, NSO is more of a direct competitor with Xbox Live and PlayStation Network; after all, nostalgia sells. Alongside this reveal, another nostalgic selling point was the reveal of the SNES Switch wireless controller.

Now, SNES fans can pre-order this Switch controller and receive it in just a few days' time. Orders will begin shipping out on September 18, so those who want to get it ASAP will want to hurry up and place their pre-orders. That said, there are a few prerequisites when it comes getting this particular piece of hardware.

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First, the deal is only available to those with an active Switch Online subscription. If playing on a free trial, then players will need to upgrade to a full subscription for it. Orders for the SNES controller are also limited to four per Nintendo Account for the time being, which is likely to make managing the large number of orders simpler for the companies involved. Interested fans can pre-order the SNES Switch wireless controller here.

Of course, there's no pressure to purchase this controller, as it is entirely optional. The SNES games on Switch can be played entirely with Joy-Cons, but there's definitely a nostalgic feel to the SNES controller. It features everything the original did, with small additions of the ZL and ZR buttons, and comes with a USB-C Port. It can be charged via its USB cable or with the Switch AC adapter.

With the strong sales of the hybrid console, its growing backlog, and the company's continued Switch third-party developer support, the big N's future is looking bright. SNES games and the popularity of this controller will likely go a long way in support of that future.

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