Nintendo Switch Player Goes Skydiving With Console, Makes Incredible Trailer


Although the Nintendo Switch can't compete with the PS4 and the Xbox One (not to mention PCs) in terms of power, the latest Nintendo console does have one major strength that helps it stand out from the crowd: portability. A new fan-made trailer of sorts for the console focuses on that essential feature and takes the Nintendo Switch on a crazy adventure from apartment building, to rooftop, and all the way up to an airplane at skydiving altitude.

The short film, called Banana Switch, was created by Valera Boluchevsky and seems to take some inspiration from the Super Nintendo era Donkey Kong Country. Although Banana Switch is presented as a short film, it comes off as more of a Nintendo Switch trailer that puts the versatility of the console in the spotlight.

Although the official Nintendo trailers focused on this same selling point, Boluchevsky dreams a little bigger than pickup basketball courts and public transit and decides to actually have the first-person perspective protagonist jump out of a plane while playing Breath of the Wild. If that's not an awesome pitch for a commercial, we don't know what is.

Here's a look at the crazy Banana Switch short...

The skydiving scene appears to be legit and the director credits two separate individuals for that particular scene. Jumping out of the plane sounds scary enough to us, let alone taking on the added responsibility of holding onto a $299 piece of hardware during the plunge back to solid ground. We appreciate that it's an option, but we'll be keeping our Switch inside any planes it visits.

What do you think of the fan-made Switch hype video? Let us know in the comments.

The Nintendo Switch is available now.

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