Nintendo Switch Skins Cancelled by Another Company


The Nintendo Switch loses the support of yet another skin maker.

Skin maker Slickwraps says that the new console just isn't "adhesive friendly," coming to the conclusion after "high heat testing" a range of its products, including its most popular and most exotic skins. The company explains that, although the Switch's Joy-Con controllers didn't show any "immediate signs of finish degradation," the console itself did.

As showcased in the timelapse video below, Slickwraps found that the "use of adhesives can remove not only the screen printed logo and FCC information, but the black finish on the unit's surface as well." As part of its commitment to making "quality products" and not wanting to cause damage to people's Nintendo Switch systems, Slickwraps has decided not to offer skins and wraps for the console unless Nintendo makes changes to its surface.

The company is just the latest skin maker to drop Nintendo Switch support, as fellow skin-making company dbrand announced its decision not to make wraps for the console earlier this week. The third-party manufacturer claimed that the adhesive of its skins not only removed part of the coating on the Switch itself but also removed the coating on the Joy-Cons. Like Slickwraps, dbrand seemed to fear offering buyers a sub-par skin experience and chose to cancel pre-orders and offer refunds.

Even since before the console launched, the interest and appeal of Nintendo Switch skins was clear, as evidenced by fans posting their own skin designs online. These skins would allow gamers to show off their creative flair, show support for their favorite eSports team, or just make the Switch look a little more unique. So it's understandably disappointing to learn that Switch owners will either have to cause damage to the console or just go without.

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It's also disappointing as there doesn't seem to be a solution in sight. With players reporting other issues with the console (including screen problems and issues with 'dead' pixels) Nintendo has a lot to deal with and it's hard to imagine that changing the coating on the console would be high on its list of priorities. Though, the vocal frustration of more skin makers could see the company change its mind so watch this space.

Source: Slickwraps

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