It’s no secret that Nintendo intends to support its Switch console with major updates, adding new and updated functionality like its upcoming online service. Now, leaked documents have revealed some of the other features that are in the works for the system.

Information distributed to developers suggests that Nintendo plans to offer a way of transferring save data from one console to another. At the moment, there’s no way of retrieving save files from the console they’re created with, so this feature would no doubt be warmly received by many users.

There’s also mention of a new guest login feature that would allow users to play without creating a proper user account. Guests would be able to access certain network functionality, which would be handy in the eventuality of heading round to a friend’s house to play on their system, and not wanting to waste time on the account creation process.


These documents come with one major caveat — they’re thought to be at least six months old. Since Nintendo was telling developers about these features back then, it’s reasonable to assume that they’re still in the works, but there’s always the possibility that plans have changed and this functionality has been dropped.

Regardless, it’s an interesting glimpse into the relationship between Nintendo and its stable of Switch developers. It remains to be seen how this functionality is implemented, if it does indeed see release, but the fact that the company is briefing development studios demonstrates an eagerness for creators to take advantage of all the console’s capabilities.

Nintendo has often been criticized for lagging behind its competitors when it comes to online functionality, and other functionality that we’ve come to expect from a modern console. However, this kind of communication with developers shows that the company is being proactive, and that’s good news for Switch owners.

The Nintendo Switch is available now.

Source: Eurogamer

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