GameStop: Nintendo Switch Sales Could 'Eclipse the Wii'

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There’s no denying that the Nintendo Switch has had a very successful launch. In fact, the sold-out console has been doing so well that GameStop senior director of merchandising, Eric Bright, said the Nintendo Switch could potentially outsell the Wii.

In an interview with Game Rant, Bright offered some thoughts about the success of the Nintendo Switch, calling the new Nintendo console a “transformational piece of technology.” During the discussion, Bright revealed his belief that the Nintendo Switch could eventually outperform the Wii, which has sold over 100 million units worldwide to date. Bright said:

“The Nintendo Switch is off to a start right now that it could possibly eclipse the Wii. Initial sales on this have been phenomenal. I can’t give straight numbers, but I can say we’re seeing one of the highest attach rates of software and accessories to a device that we’ve seen in a long time.”


That said, the Nintendo Switch has its challenges when it comes to reaching that goal. A recent study found that while half the population of the UK knows what the Nintendo Switch is, only 32 percent of those who heard of it intended to buy one. If that’s the case worldwide, the Nintendo Switch may face a long, uphill battle in its attempt to overtake the Wii.

Additionally, Nintendo originally projected two million Nintendo Switch units sold in its first month (a metric that may be hampered by the low availability of the console), and only 40 million over the next four years. That’s a far cry from the 100 million units Wii has sold to date, though it would put it well beyond the Wii U's 13 million sales worldwide.

However, the success of the Nintendo Switch won’t necessarily be held strictly to the console itself. Bright also revealed that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is selling very well, thanks in great part to the strong reviews the latest Zelda title has received.

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Bright also opened up about the strong demand for Nintendo Switch accessories. GameStop is preparing for this high demand, and is even planning to offer new bundles soon that will incorporate more accessories for gamers to enjoy. Bright said:

“We’re seeing tremendous success with the power chargers for the Nintendo Switch, as well as people coming in and picking up extra Joy-Con so people can turn it into a four-player device. We will soon be going online with all-new bundles. Because of the popularity of Zelda, which is one of my top picks, we’re putting together a Zelda bundle of hardware and accessories for customers to pick up online.”

New information about the Nintendo Switch bundles will be available soon.

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