Switch is Fastest Selling Console in Nintendo History

Nintendo Switch is the Fastest Selling Nintendo Platform

The Nintendo Switch console has become the fastest-selling platform in Nintendo history, and the second fastest-selling platform overall.

The official sales numbers from the NPD are in, revealing that the Nintendo Switch has sold a staggering 906,000 units in its launch month of March. Switch consoles remain difficult to find on retail shelves and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future.

For comparison's sake, the Nintendo platform with the second highest first-month sales in US is the Game Boy Advance, which launched in 2011. That's especially notable because it shows just how much of a role unit stock at launch plays in initial sales. The Wii, Nintendo's most overall successful console, sold just under 550,000 in its first month. Based on those numbers, it appears Nintendo is showing much more confidence in the Switch.

However, the Nintendo Switch did fall short of overall first-month sales for any platform in the US. That record remains in the hands of Sony's PlayStation 4, which sold over 1.1 million here. For the record, the Switch slightly bested the Xbox One's first-month sales in the US. The Switch's sales are notable, and the fact it's the fastest selling Nintendo platform is laudable, but it's the months ahead that will show the console's true staying power.

Nintendo Switch is the Fastest Selling Nintendo Platform - Zelda

Perhaps a more impressive statistic that goes hand in hand with the Switch's first-month sales is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's first-month sales on Switch. In the US, Breath of the Wild sold 925,000 units across both retail and digital. For those keeping track, that means latest Zelda game outsold the platform it launched on.

Adding on the sales for the Wii U version of the game brings it all the way up to 1.35 million. That's easily the fastest-selling launch title and fastest-selling Zelda title in Nintendo history, too.

Nintendo is so confident in the Switch's performance that it has dedicated itself to releasing worldwide sales numbers for the console on April 27. While worldwide numbers should also be impressive, US sales tend to scale a bit higher comparatively for launches. We'll see whether Nintendo can then maintain those record sales through the summer and into the holiday season, which could effectively work as a second launch-scale event.

The Nintendo Switch is available now to purchase via retailers, though stock remains extremely limited.

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