Nintendo Switch Repaired, Sent Back With Someone Else's Save Data

Nintendo Switch repair wrong save data

A Nintendo Switch owner sent their console in for repair but when it was sent back, it contained a different person's data. The data included different account information, screenshots, and save data from the machine initially sent in.

Writing on Reddit, the Nintendo Switch owner says that they sent their device to a third-party repair company called United Repair to fix a scratched screen. But after booting up the console, they found that none of their data was present and what was there belonged to someone else. The user says that, as a result, they are unable to access their save files for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which they had over 90 hours played thus far.

This person's name, location, eShop tax settings and linked social media accounts were also present, making it easy for the console owner to contact both them and Nintendo about the problem. Nintendo were then able to verify that this other user had also recently sent their Switch in for repair, and vowed to do its best to get the save data back or offer compensation though both the owner and the company are "doubtful" that they'll get the data back.

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Understandably, the Switch owner is furious at both Nintendo and the repair company (which is an authorized Nintendo repair partner). Their post specifically lashes out at Nintendo's "archaic" approach to Nintendo Switch save data and its "lack of understanding the modern gamer," referencing the fact that data on the console cannot be backed up.

It should be noted that Nintendo may be working on a cloud save feature for the console, something which would hopefully make it less of an issue if something like this was to happen in future. But of course, this doesn't help the Switch owner right now, and it doesn't solve the serious privacy or security concerns of another Switch owner having (unauthorized) access to someone's personal information.

With so many Switch owners potentially facing console repairs too, with blue screens of death and power button cracks all being reported, more players could be affected by this in future. And so fans will be hoping that Nintendo can work to solve all of these repair process concerns soon.

Source: Reddit

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