Nintendo Switch Release Date, Price Reveal Set for January 12


The Nintendo Switch has a reveal stream set for January 12 where gamers will finally find out the upcoming console's release date and price - here's when to tune in.

A couple of weeks ago Nintendo confirmed that it would be bringing its upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch, to an exclusive hands-on event in January, allowing for select invitees to come and try out the new hardware for themselves as the first members of the public to do so. The event is going to be live-streamed for investors, media, and analysts to view for themselves and was referred to as a "Tokyo webcast".

Now the Big N has revealed the exact timings that the event will take place at, giving us an exact countdown to the stream which is finally going to announce the Nintendo Switch's release date and price to the world. The live broadcast is set to take launch at 8pm PT/ 11pm ET on January 12. These new details were released, courtesy of the official Nintendo of America Twitter account, earlier today.


No more details about the webcast are currently announced, including how long the streamed event will be going on for, though the developer did indicate that it “will further emphasize some of the details that Nintendo plans to announce”, as we approach the run up to the January stream. Still to be announced include the location and invite list of the event, as well as which software will be available to those lucky enough to secure themselves an invite.

We still have a lot to learn about Nintendo's mysterious new console, with the company keeping all information to themselves for the near future. January will reportedly be the next time that any notable news is due to appear about the system, though a Nintendo spokesperson did recently reveal how the Nintendo Switch got its name in an article published in Japanese magazine, Nintendo Dream.

Whatever the company has in store for us, Nintendo must have a lot of faith in its hardware, especially since the developer plans to ship 2 million Switch units in March alone. Hopefully this means that the Switch will be more of a success for the company than their latest ventures with the Wii U and 3DS hardware which, despite being praised for having some exceptional games, have not come close to matching the other major systems in the current generation for sales.

We believe that the success of the Nintendo Switch will come down to the console's price and battery life, so we'll be watching closely during the January stream for signs that the console will be a success.

The Nintendo Switch is currently predicted to launch in March 2017

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