Report: Cheaper Nintendo Switch to Launch in June

Cheaper Nintendo Switch release date

A new report claims that Nintendo will release a cheaper Nintendo Switch in June. For several weeks, there have been rumors that Nintendo is working on two new versions of the Switch hardware, with a cheaper version and a more powerful and more expensive version potentially in the works.

A report by Bloomberg reveals that the cheaper Nintendo Switch will "likely" launch by the end of June, though it does not state a specific date for the console's release. The publication cites two anonymous sources familiar with Nintendo's plans and one of them corroborated the rumor that a cheap console will launch in June.

The report doesn't address other rumors that the cheaper Switch console will not be able to connect to the television with the dock hardware. Nintendo has promoted its console as a home console, not a portable console that players can use anywhere and a portable-only model would seem to go against that. However, it may allow Nintendo to lower the price. The company will hopefully clarify upon an official announcement.

nintendo switch lite and pro

The two sources denied the reports of a much more powerful Nintendo Switch console. The base model of the Switch will get a "modest" upgrade, said the sources.  This suggests that fans shouldn't expect the Switch platform holder to release a system that rivals the PS4 Pro or the Xbox One X, which are higher-end systems that offer features such as 4K gaming.

The publication also estimates that the launch of the new, cheaper Nintendo Switch model will help to increase the company's sales forecasts for this financial year. The Switch could sell as many as 18.5 million units, a figure created by compiling 12 estimates. Nintendo lowered its Switch sales forecast for the previous financial year from 20 million sales to 17 million sales. So, selling 18.5 million Switch consoles in this financial year would be a small but valuable increase.

Nintendo hasn't announced the cheaper Switch console yet, but a June release date means that it will likely unveil the system at its annual Nintendo Direct event at E3. All eyes will be on the Nintendo E3 2019 event as fans and critics await the announcement of major new games and information, such as updates on Pokemon Sword and Shield and the progress of Metroid Prime 4. However, the event could also offer a good opportunity to announce the new hardware too.

Source: Bloomberg

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