After Nintendo revealed the price and release date for the Nintendo Switch and its peripherals, one of the biggest complaints was the high investment needed to pick up many of the extra controllers and accessories. Although the Switch Pro controller is one of the most expensive extras to pick up, it apparently comes with the added benefit of offering PC support.

Console gamers are used to wireless controllers doubling as Xbox One/PS4 accessories and PC accessories when needed, but consumers aren’t ever quite sure if they can trust Nintendo to offer similar support. According to some testing done by a YouTuber who has early access to a Nintendo Switch Switch Pro controller, it looks like PC support is as easy as a few clicks.

The below video shows the tester connecting the Pro Controller to a Windows machine and surfing through a game menu…

This is definitely good news for shoppers who have been trying to justify the $70 controller. Many consumers are worried that the Joy-Cons may be uncomfortable for marathon gaming sessions, so a Pro controller seems like a comfortable upgrade that will be more similar to a traditional gaming grip.

As PC gamers will be quick to point out, most users with a powerful rig already have a controller that they prefer or they opt to use the keyboard and mouse for gaming. It doesn’t seem like Nintendo has any attention to sell PC users based on this controller though, so it is likely¬†more¬†of a convenience bonus for those who were planning to buy one anyway.

What do you think of Switch Pro controller’s PC support? Is that enough of a perk to get you to shell out $70 for the accessory? Let us know in the comments!

The Nintendo Switch releases on March 3, 2017.

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