Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is Having D-Pad Problems


The Nintendo Switch's unique Joy-Con controllers are obviously one of the system's biggest selling points, but players in search of a more traditional experience cap opt for the console's Pro Controller. However, numerous owners are reporting major problems related to the peripheral.

Discussion forums across the Internet are playing host to conversations about the Pro Controller's shortcomings. Posts related to the problematic peripheral have been spotted on NeoGAF, Reddit, the Nintendo Life forums, GameFAQs, and YouTube.

The biggest issue with the Nintendo Switch's Pro Controller seems to be the controller's d-pad. While Nintendo has long had a reputation for d-pads that deliver responsive and accurate control, the Pro Controller apparently struggles to differentiate between different inputs, causing one direction to be mistaken for another during use.

Obviously, this can be a huge problem during gameplay. In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, players are being erroneously presented with the powers menu when they try switch out their arrows. In a 2D platformer like Shovel Knight, the situation becomes even more troublesome, as an incorrect input could potentially be the difference between success and failure on a tricky platforming sequence.

As many Nintendo fans are likely aware, this isn't the first hardware fault that's affected the Switch since its launch, as the syncing issues that impacted its Joy-Con controllers continue to rear their head. However, Nintendo is making a major effort to address that problem with a fix for the peripherals, and hopefully the company will be able to mount a similar effort with regards to the Pro Controller.

The Nintendo Switch is available now, with the Pro Controller sold separately.

Source: NeoGAF

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