More Details on Nintendo Switch Pro and Cheap Models Leak

more details on nintendo switch models leak

A couple of days ago, the Wall Street Journal published a report claiming that Nintendo was preparing to launch two new versions of the Nintendo Switch by the end of the year. One version would be a cheaper Switch console, whereas the other would be a premium version of the console aimed at hardcore gamers. Now even more details on Nintendo's Switch revisions have leaked online.

Thanks to sources speaking to Eurogamer, we know a bit more about what the two new Nintendo Switch consoles will entail. The Wall Street Journal claimed that the Switch's rumble functionality and other features would be removed in the cheaper version, but the new details say that it will remove even more features. Namely, the cheaper version of the Switch will reportedly be handheld-only, ditching the console's defining feature and arguably its main selling point of being a home console/handheld hybrid device.

Meanwhile, the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro console will apparently not be a huge leap forward in power. Eurogamer's sources corroborated the initial WSJ report, confirming that the Switch Pro will not be as powerful as the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, so those hoping for a 4K Nintendo Switch are likely out of luck. However, it will still represent a boost in power compared to the original Nintendo Switch, with the power increase being compared to the transition from the 3DS to the New 3DS.

more details on nintendo switch revisions leak online

One possible upgrade that the Switch Pro may have is increased storage capacity. Last year, a rumor started making the rounds about a Nintendo Switch revision for 2019 that would feature increased storage, and it makes sense for the Switch Pro to offer that. After all, one of the main criticisms of the current Switch is its relatively small internal storage capacity compared to the competition, so that would at least address some complaints.

Nintendo still has yet to announce that any kind of Switch revision is in the works, but the evidence is mounting. If the rumored Nintendo Switch revisions are real, then fans should be able to expect an announcement by E3 2019 at the latest.

Source: Eurogamer

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