Nintendo Switch Price is Significantly Impacting Sales, Suggests UK Survey

Nintendo Switch price sales survey

The price of the Nintendo Switch may be significantly impacting sales of the new console, according to a new survey. The poll, carried about by Harris Interactive, quizzed people in the UK and found that while over half of the UK population had heard of the Nintendo Switch, few intended to actually buy it.

Just 32% of those who had heard of the console said that they were interested in buying it in the next three months while a huge 62% said that it was 'unlikely' that they would buy it. 6% said that they were not interested in buying the console at all.

The biggest factor by far for not wanting to buy it is the Nintendo Switch price, as 40% said that they couldn't afford the console, while 20% said they were waiting for the console's price to drop. The price of the console along with the cost of its games and accessories have all been slammed by gamers as 'too expensive' so it's unsurprising that this is holding so many shoppers back.


Additionally, 32% cited happiness with their other consoles as a factor. Sony controls over half of the global console market, suggesting that plenty already have PS4s in their homes, and so it will be interesting how Nintendo works to make a case for a second console. The Harris Interactive poll also pointed to a desire for new Nintendo Switch features, with most asking for backward compatibility and 42% also saying that they were unconvinced that the console is as good as others on the market.

While it seems unlikely that the Switch will get a technical boost rivaling the PS4 Pro or the Xbox Project Scorpio any time soon, Nintendo can do something about backward compatibility at least. Nintendo Switch Virtual Console plans have been teased, though the company has yet to officially confirm how things work, and perhaps this could tip the scale and convince many more prospective buyers.

The new console has gotten off to a flying start, with the Big N forced to increase Nintendo Switch production to keep up with demand, though with this new data the company can take its console even further. Price cuts seem unlikely this side of Christmas but it can at least roll out much wanted features to draw more 'fence sitters' in and get them to spend money.

Source: MCV

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