Nintendo Switch Hands-on Event to Reveal Price, Release Date

Nintendo Switch Price and Release Date Planned for Jan. 12 Reveal

The Nintendo Switch is finally getting its own hands-on event in January, bringing with it the long-awaited reveal of the price and release date for the new hardware.

For the first time ever, Nintendo is going to be allowing the public to go hands-on with its new console-handheld hybrid, the Nintendo Switch, at an exclusive event in New York next January.

It's not soon and it's not wide-scale, but Nintendo will finally be opening its doors to the select few, allowing a handful of fans to try out the Nintendo Switch before anyone else. The company is holding a hands-on event in New York on January 13, 2017. The event will last for five hours and will be preceded by a streamed presentation on January 12 that Nintendo is calling its "Tokyo webcast". The stream will reveal new details about the console that the company has been keeping quiet since the Switch's announcement trailer last month.


The Tokyo webcast will be held live for all investors and media platforms, finally announcing what the console-handheld hybrid's price and release date will be. So far, we know that the new hardware will be releasing around the March window, though it'll be good to finally get a confirmed date for the calendars. Ultimately, we believe that the success of the Nintendo Switch comes down to its price and battery life, so this announcement may just make or break the console.

No more details about the webcast are currently announced, though the developer did indicate that it "will further emphasize some of the details that Nintendo plans to announce", given more time. The location and invite list of the event are just some of the details that will presumably be released in coming months.

Nintendo must certainly be confident in its hardware, seeing as the company plans to ship 2 million consoles to retailers during March alone. While analysts have concerns about those numbers not being enough in early March, setting a release date for later in the month will reportedly be much better for the company.

In other recent Switch news, Nintendo's stocks suffered a significant drop, following the reveal of their long-hidden development. It's bad news for the company, and shows a lack of faith in the hardware's success, but only time will tell if those fears were justified.

Those aren't the only issues that have manifested after the reveal trailer however, as sales in both the Wii U and Amiibo figures have fallen in recent times, possibly as people prepare their wallets for the Switch's release.

The Nintendo Switch is expected to release in March 2017.

Source: Polygon

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