Rumor Patrol: Nintendo Switch Prices Leak?

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A new report from UK based retailer GAME reveals the price points for the Nintendo Switch, while also confirming two different models at launch for the upcoming console.

Though production is finally coming to an end for the disappointing Wii U console, Nintendo is forging ahead with its new hardware officially revealed as the Nintendo Switch. After a short trailer finally showed off the long rumored console, Nintendo has gone radio silent, promising more news early next year in January.  Even though official sources remain mum on the subject, more unofficial news has seemingly leaked out about the console, this time potentially hinting at the console's price point.

According to LetsPlayVideoGames, UK retailer GAME has been informed of the new consoles price point and is currently planning to sell the basic model of the Nintendo Switch at £199.99. A premium model of the system which comes with more internal storage space and a game packed in to the bundle will sell at £249.99. Switch Pro controllers were also detailed coming in at £39.99 each as well. The price points have been confirmed by two reputable sources as well, lending credibility to this information.


The sources also revealed that Nintendo is planning for its upcoming console to be close to direct conversion price comparable across regions, which ties into its plans for the system to be region free. So to that end, U.S. prices would likely be set to $250 and $300 for both console options.

While Nintendo has yet to officially confirm or deny any of these rumors, at this point fans could rightly assume that the pack in title for the premium model is more than likely The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild considering that's the only game that has been revealed in full and remains a launch title for the Switch while launching on the Wii U as well.

After being hinted at under the code name Nintendo NX for quite a while, Nintendo pulled the curtains back just enough last month to further tease its fanbase who has been looking for more details. While fans continue to wait for official word on important topics like hardware specs, online capabilities, and launch games, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima recently hinted that the Switch would be priced similarly to previous Nintendo consoles.

If true, how do these prices sound to you? Would you considering picking up a console or do you need to see additional details first? Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments.

Nintendo Switch launches sometime in March 2017.

Source: LetsPlayVideoGames

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