The Nintendo Switch launches on March 3 and GameStop confirms that the retailer is sold out of its initial allocation of pre-orders just a few days after the console’s price reveal.

Any long time fan of Nintendo knows that the company doesn’t have the best track record with meeting demand for product launches. From the Wii to Amiibo to the NES Classic; Mario fans are all too familiar with chasing down hard to find products. Although the Wii U wasn’t quite popular enough at launch to have these issues, the early buzz surrounding the Switch makes it sound like day one shoppers may be in for some trouble.

Many retailers opened pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch after the price and release date were confirmed late last week and it hasn’t taken long for shoppers to shell out the $299 to reserve a console for launch day. Reggie Fils-Aime addressed the possible shortage of hardware last week and promised that the company is doing everything it can on the production side to make the Switch available at launch. That said, GameStop is already confirming that its initial allotment of pre-orders has been depleted.

GameStop senior vice president of merchandising Bob Puzon confirmed the news and assured fans that the company is working with Nintendo in an attempt to get additional units and will offer an update as soon as there is news to share. GameStop shoppers can sign up for updates to make sure they don’t miss the announcement if more units become available.

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Although GameStop is sold out, some other retailers still have pre-orders available. Check out our Nintendo Switch launch guide to learn more about what product is available to pre-order.

Gamers who are old enough to remember 2006 will recall that finding a Wii was nearly impossible for months after the console launched. It would be exciting for Nintendo to have another major hit on its hands this year, but hopefully the company is prepared to deal with the demand. Recreating the success of the Wii seems nearly impossible considering the wide family appeal that console had, but the Switch could possibly pull it off with the right software. Aside from a very thin launch lineup, supply could be one of the only factors holding the Switch back.

Have you secured a pre-order for the Nintendo Switch yet? If not, do you plan to hunt the console down on launch day? Let us know in the comments!

The Nintendo Switch launches on March 3, 2017.