Ever since the release of the Nintendo Switch, fans all around the world have been hoping that Nintendo would listen to user feedback and release themed versions of the popular new hardware. Before the console/handheld hybrid even released, talented individuals online were putting together their own Switch skin designs, showing the Japanese developer exactly how good a fancy new paint job would look on the Nintendo Switch system.

The latest design to appear on Nintendo’s online forums might just be the best looking one yet, as Reddit user BostianALX has created the ultimate Pokemonthemed hardware, decorating their Switch with a Poké Ball pattern. Providing a lot of variation from the standard block colors that the Big N is currently shipping its Joy-Cons with, the Pokemon fan disassembled their expensive new console to give it both a custom paint job and an impressive new appearance.


According to the user’s post on the Nintendo Switch subreddit, this was their first time painting a console, which makes the end result all the more impressive to behold. For anyone wanting to replicate Bostian’s design, the original design and a rough step-by-step guide can be found here.

Disappointingly, at this moment there are no Pokemon titles currently available for the Nintendo Switch, so the new customization might be a little pre-emptive, but with the updated Pokken Tournament DX launching in late September, the Poké Ball theme won’t seem out of place for long. What’s more, at E3 2017, Nintendo announced its plan to launch the Pokemon RPG we’ve all been waiting for on the hybrid console, bringing hype levels to an all-time high.

Despite not coming with more varied designs, the Nintendo Switch has sold a staggering 4.7 million units in the 4 months that it has been on the market. Nintendo has proven that the console doesn’t need a fancy cover, or even multiple strong launch titles, to sell, but there’s little doubt in anyone’s mind that the company won’t eventually branch out into themed color schemes.

Launching special-edition hardware alongside AAA releases has been a Nintendo strategy for decades but, until the day of the Pocket Monster-themed Switch, this design is sure to be a must-have for the more artistic of Pokemon fans.

The Nintendo Switch is available now.

Source: Reddit