Some Nintendo Switch Games Can Be Played Vertically

nintendo switch vertical display

The Nintendo Switch still has a lot to prove in the coming months, but early returns on Nintendo's newest console have remained largely positive. A lot of the good will toward the Switch can be chalked up to the release of one of the best video games in recent memoryThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but the device has also been praised for its innovations to console design and portability. Now, a Reddit user has discovered that the Switch is designed to have even more room for innovation in the future, as it has a "hidden" vertical play functionality built into the device already.

The discover, which was made by a user named HandsomeCostanza, was made when they downloaded and played the golf video game Neo Turf Masters, which is one of several Neo Geo ports available on the Switch eShop at this time. Users then began reporting similar functionality in other Neo Geo ports, along with the option to stretch the game screens to fill up the entirety of the Switch's vertical display - although the latter option is not recommended by any means.

Although the option to play vertically is nice, many of the users also remarked that doing so was extremely uncomfortable, and that it would really only make sense if the Switch had a vertical stand and a game designed to take advantage of that display style. It is interesting that the Switch doesn't have a kickstand for both horizontal and vertical displays, however, which could signify that Nintendo doesn't have any plans to support the functionality at this time.

nintendo switch vertical

Of course, that hasn't stopped people from speculating on how a vertical Switch display could be used in the future. One of the most intriguing suggestions - and, frankly, the most exciting - is the suggestion that turning the Switch vertical would make it well-suited to porting Nintendo 3DS titles onto it, as the top and bottom screens would fit quite snugly on the console's display.

While the functionality is limited and, perhaps, a little clunky at this time, the presence of this hidden "bonus" is still exciting. The Switch was rumored to be a device that would eventually see Nintendo add virtual console support to its features, and the presence of the vertical display suggests that could still be a very real possibility in the future.

Source: Reddit

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