GameStop: Nintendo Switch Continuing to Outsell Wii in Same Timeframe


Gamers have been given an idea of how well the Nintendo Switch has been selling since its release, with the newest gaming console moving 906,000 units in US in the month of March alone. That's an impressive feat by any standards, and it means that the system's launch month sales outpaced one of the most popular gaming consoles of all time, the Nintendo Wii, during its first month on the market. However, after nearly three months into the life cycle of the Switch, GameStop has confirmed that the system is still outpacing its wildly successful predecessor within the same timeframe.

GameStop's quarterly report saw an increase in overall hardware sales thanks to the Nintendo Switch, which is the first time the company has improved in that particular area in five quarters. This signals a strong start for the system as it continues to sell, and this had GameStop CFO Rob Lloyd singing his praise for the performance of the platform out of the gate.

"We are all veterans of the Wii launch. The fact that this is ahead of the Wii launch is significant," claimed Lloyd.

nintendo ships switch by plane

Not content with that statement alone, GameStop's company chief, Tony Bartel, pushed the significance of these numbers further. As it turns out, Bartel claims that GameStop is actually struggling to keep up with demand for Nintendo's latest game console.

"Literally we have the product sold before they hit our warehouse. But we haven’t seen supply even come close to catching demand at this point. The form factor of the games lends itself very well to a trade-in model. So we anticipate there will be a high percentage of trades for these games. I’d say the Switch, just like the Wii did, is driving a lot of new innovation. So in the next year I think you’ll see growth in new games."

To clarify, these sales of the Switch from GameStop don't indicate the entirety of the market, but an analyst with Niko Partners, Daniel Ahmad, reports that Nintendo Switch sales in the US have been about 10% faster than Wii sales after the same amount of time. Although this isn't all that surprising considering that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild actually managed to sell more copies than the Switch itself did after the first month of launch.

That just goes to show how important worthwhile software is to the initial success of a system. Whether or not Nintendo can keep up that steam remains to be seen, but with several blockbuster titles en route (with one apparently a bizarre crossover called Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle) the company has put itself in a very good position.

Sources: GamasutraFenixBazaar (via GoNintendo)

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