When Nintendo first announced its Nintendo Switch Online app, feedback from gamers was mixed. Now, gamers will get a chance to try out the service starting July 21st, when it launches alongside Splatoon 2.

For Nintendo Switch owners, this will be their first chance to try out the Nintendo Switch Online app and service, which will be free until sometime next year. As Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently revealed, the company is looking to learn as much as possible about the app before launching the paid version in 2018.

The free version of the Nintendo Switch Online app will come with some limited features for gamers, including online matchmaking and online chat. Unfortunately, gamers won’t have access to the free games coming with the service until the paid version launches.

Nintendo Switch Online Splatoon 2 copy

With the free version of the Nintendo Switch Online app, gamers will gain access to a Splatoon 2 companion service. The new service, which is known as SplatNet 2, will provide game stats and let players use voice chat and send multiplayer invites for the game. It will also allow players to order in-game items.

Since this will only be the first iteration of the Nintendo Switch Online app, it’s likely new features will launch for the app over the coming months as they become available or new games are released. Hopefully Nintendo will be able to work out any bugs quickly so it can offer additional services to gamers soon.

One service in particular that’s in high demand is video streaming like Netflix and Hulu. While these apps haven’t been necessary to drive strong sales for the Nintendo Switch to date, they are still high on the list of most wanted apps for many Nintendo Switch owners.

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When the paid version of the Nintendo Switch Online app launches, it will be available for $20 per year, which is much lower than similar costs for competing platforms. If all goes to plan, Nintendo will get all the bugs and issues worked out before that time.

Nintendo Switch Online launches for free on July 21, 2017. A paid version is expected to release in 2018.