After months of speculation following the official reveal of the Nintendo Switch, multitudes of details have poured out of Nintendo regarding its upcoming console. This includes games and social media interaction, but the big N has yet to announce what video media platforms it will support, if any. One Netflix representative has shed light on the matter, but gamers might not like to hear what they had to say.

One NeoGAF user reached out to a Netflix representative online in order to ask if the company’s streaming service would be usable through the Nintendo Switch. According to the representative, the Switch does not support Netflix at this time, and they didn’t reveal any details regarding whether or not there were future plans to change that.

It remains to be seen if the representative is accurate regarding this claim. NeoGAF users have pointed out that a standard Netflix customer service representative may not have access to that information. However, it’s worth pointing out that a recent glimpse of the Nintendo Switch’s UI displayed multiple games, but no video streaming services or external apps were shown. Additionally, Nintendo hasn’t revealed any partnerships with companies beyond game developers for the Switch.

netflix streaming representative nintendo switch

It would be an odd choice for Nintendo to not provide support for Netflix, considering that the Wii U, 3DS, and even the original Wii support it. Furthermore, gaming companies like Ubisoft may partner with Netflix to produce gaming shows, which will further increase interest in Netflix from gamers. However, it’s possible that the apps won’t be available at launch and will instead release later on in the system’s life-cycle. Alternatively, it’s also a possibility that negotiations between Netflix and Nintendo are currently underway, or Netflix may be working on developing an app for the system and has no official information to share at this time.

In any case, having Netflix available on the Switch would probably be one more selling point for the system. With the ability to pick up the Switch’s tablet and play elsewhere, being able to watch Netflix on the go would probably appeal to a lot of gamers. Of course, this would mean that streaming would either have to be patched in to free wi-fi or a mobile hotspot, or Netflix would have to allow downloads of streaming video onto the Switch for this functionality to work.

There is still some time remaining until the Switch releases. Gamers who were counting on being able to stream Netflix through the Switch should hold on for more information as it develops.

The Nintendo Switch will release on March 3rd.