Nintendo’s Kit Ellis reveals the Nintendo Switch won’t support multimedia support at launch, meaning owners won’t have access to Netflix on the new console.

Since its announcement, the Nintendo Switch has experienced a rollercoaster of support and disappointment from gamers. While the unique console-handheld hybrid offers unique opportunities for owners to play solo or with friends on the go, it’s also relegated to max 1080p as a console and 720p as a handheld.

Some new information has surfaced that has once again disappointed gamers about the Nintendo Switch. According to a report from Business Insider, the Nintendo Switch won’t support multimedia functions at launch. Essentially, this means Nintendo Switch owners won’t have access to apps like Netflix.


The report comes via Nintendo’s Kit Ellis, who revealed the details to Business Insider. The full statement from Business Insider is below:

“The Switch isn’t going to replace your iPad — it’s a dedicated gaming machine to the point where it won’t have many multimedia functions at launch, Nintendo’s Kit Ellis told me. Don’t plan to watch Netflix on the Switch, for instance.”

This is unfortunate news for potential Nintendo Switch owners. Other consoles, including Nintendo’s own Wii U and 3DS, offer support for Netflix and other streaming services. Granted, console owners still have to have their own Netflix account in order to access the content, but it’s a big selling point for those who like to watch their favorite shows at home or on the go.

Those looking to upgrade from a Wii U will have to reconsider if they’re hoping to keep Netflix on their TVs, or consider an additional option for Netflix viewing (such as holding onto the Wii U or purchasing another streaming device).

switch 3ds comparison

At the moment, the Nintendo Switch launch is looking a bit grim. At $300, gamers will get a console that’s less powerful than either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, has only 32 GB of onboard space available (though there is a micro SDXC card slot that allows cards up to 2 TB), a few hours of battery life, and only five launch titles.

Nintendo America boss Reggie Fils-Aime is still confident in the Nintendo Switch’s abilities to sell well, claiming the upcoming console will outperform the Wii U. He also stated recently that while the Nintendo Switch is launching with only five titles, there are many more coming soon after launch, and tons of great games lined up through the rest of 2017.

It’ll be interesting to see how well the Nintendo Switch sells, and if the low number of launch titles and the lack of multimedia support at launch have a significant effect on sales.

What do you think about Nintendo Switch omitting multimedia support at launch?

Nintendo Switch is set to release March 3, 2017.