Game Rant puts together a list of the 10 most desired newcomers for the next entry of the Mario Kart franchise on the Nintendo Switch, with one being a special guest.

The arrival of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch on April 28, 2017 marks almost three years exactly since the game originally launched on Wii U. To the company’s credit, this will be the definitive edition of the well-received Mario Kart 8, but gamers the world over were hoping for a bit more from a brand new Nintendo console. While the inclusion of Splatoon‘s Inklings and several others are noteworthy, this got us thinking about which other mainstays deserve a chance to get behind the wheel.

The one catch, however, is that this list is comprised of characters that have never been featured in a Mario Kart game. This means that current favorites that are still missing in action (i.e. Diddy Kong and Petey Piranha) are not featured below. Keeping that in mind, take a look at some of Game Rant’s playable choices for the next Mario Kart on Switch.

Professor E. Gadd

nintendo switch mario kart e gadd

The cooky prof has been a desirable newcomer for Mario Kart ever since he had his debut in Luigi’s Mansion on the Nintendo Gamecube. Providing the Mario Bros. with a number of wacky inventions in the years that have followed, the lack of E. Gadd’s inclusion in the series thus far is a baffling one. Since the mad scientist’s inventions (like the Poltergust 4000) have appeared in Mario Kart already as drivable machines, it’s about time that Professor E. Gadd got to take on the products of his own design.


nintendo switch mario kart kamek

The crazy thing about this newcomer is that he actually almost made it as a playable character in Mario Kart 64 – albeit under the monicker of Magikoopa. Eventually the magic-savvy turtle was replaced by Donkey Kong, which was almost certainly for the best, but fans have been clamoring for the inclusion of the foe ever since. With the likes of generic baddies such as Dry Bones and Koopa, Kamek’s inclusion seems like an inevitability, but for now he sits prominently on our list.


nintendo switch mario kart nabbit

This thieving rabbit is one of Mario’s newer frenemies, but his relevancy in the franchise has been more than a one-off since his debut in New Super Mario Bros. U. Making playable appearances in titles like Mario Golf: World Tour, Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, and Super Mario Maker, it is evident that Nabbit’s stock is currently on the rise. With other cameos and nods to the character in some of the biggest Nintendo games (some even outside of the Super Mario IP), this purple rabbit is more than likely to find himself in a Kart sooner or later.


nintendo switch mario kart plessie

Let’s preface this with the fact that Plessie, the rideable character that debuted in Super Mario 3D World, is absolutely massive. Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad have ample room to hop on the back of this character and slide down rapids together, but the sizing of Mario characters has a tendency to fluctuate (i.e. Bowser in any game he’s ever been in). If the developers can fit the King of Koopas into a tiny Kart then sizing down Plessie to do the same isn’t that much of a stretch. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with having another playable dinosaur to accompany Yoshi.


nintendo switch mario kart fawful

Sticking to the Mario & Luigi RPG series, Fawful has quickly become a fan-favorite villain from the Mushroom Kingdom. Failing to establish himself outside of that particular line of games though, this could be the petite evil-doer’s opportunity to make a name for himself with a broader audience. Given his tiny stature, he’d make for a welcomed addition to the Light or Feather Light weight classes, respectively. Besides, his cackling could make for a competitive taunt that gives even Luigi’s infamous death stare a run for its money.

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