With the Nintendo Switch having performed so well during its launch period, it seems unusual that the console/handheld hybrid is still yet to feature a video streaming service. Luckily, for all those users wanting to watch series and films on demand, it seems that Netflix might be close to finally releasing its app on the eShop.

According to an anonymous Netflix service representative, the company’s streaming application is already “locked and loaded,” being ready to go as soon as Nintendo gives it the green light. The initial report came courtesy of GoNintendo user KamehamehaX who claims that as soon as the company approves the app, Netflix will be available to download for all Switch-users.

Of course there’s no guarantee that this rumor has any credit to it, but it seems likely that a Switch application will have been a matter of great importance to Netflix due to the huge demand for the system over the last few months. With this in mind, other streaming services such as YouTube, Twitch, Hulu, and Amazon Prime shouldn’t be far behind, so the Switch’s line-up of streaming apps might be about to get a lot more impressive.

Nintendo Switch VR support clue

Although no official announcement has been made so far, the Netflix app has been featured on Nintendo’s consoles in the past and is almost certain to do so again. Now that it has been over six months since the launch of the console, it seems almost shocking that none of Netflix’s competitors have beaten the company to the punch with an earlier release.

In other Nintendo Switch news, the long-awaited port of Bethesda’s Skyrim, which made its debut in the console’s reveal trailer, finally has a release date. Tactically dropping close to the holiday season, Skyrim will be out in time for the wave of Christmas hype, and will hopefully be available alongside Netflix in the Switch roster.

The Nintendo Switch is out now.

Source: Nintendo Today