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Since launch, both the Nintendo Switch and NES Classic Edition have been flying off shelves, making it difficult for many people to simply walk into a store or hop online to purchase one of the consoles. However, those on the prowl for a Nintendo Switch or NES Classic Edition are in luck today, as Best Buy will have both consoles in stock on its website at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern time while supplies last.

Anyone that wants a Nintendo Switch or NES Classic will want to make sure that they are on the products' respective Best Buy pages as soon as they go on sale. Even then, it's possible that the systems will sell out so quickly that many people will once again miss out on getting their hands on Nintendo's latest video game consoles.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as though these supply shortages will be rectified any time soon. GameStop is anticipating that the Switch will remain difficult to find throughout the rest of the year, even with Nintendo doubling the number of units it's producing. The success of the NES Classic Edition, meanwhile, seems to have caught Nintendo off-guard, as the console is still almost impossible to find outside of scalpers.

While some Nintendo fans may be frustrated with the Nintendo Switch and NES Classic Edition supply shortages, at least it's a sign that the company is turning around its Wii U misfortunes. The Wii U was a sales failure for Nintendo, especially compared to past Nintendo consoles and its competition, but the Switch is currently on track to post much healthier sales numbers for the Big N. In fact, some analysts believe that the Switch could even surpass 40 million units sold by 2020.

Whether or not the Switch remains this popular and successful is up to Nintendo. The console had the benefit of launching with one of the highest-rated video games of all time, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and its continued success will depend on it receiving a steady stream of quality software. It looks like Nintendo has plenty of first-party Switch games to fill out the rest of 2017 at least, including Super Mario Odyssey, so it seems as though it should have no problem keeping the Switch a highly sought after product.

Nintendo Switch and NES Classic Edition are both available now.

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