Third party consumer electronics company Snakebyte announces that it will be debuting a line of Nintendo Switch and NES Classic accessories, due out this spring.

While Nintendo remains one of the most influential forces in the video game world, there is no disputing the fact that the company has seen some better days when it comes to the console market. Nintendo’s Wii U and Amiibo sales have been struggling as of late, with the former never truly having gained any traction at any point during its life cycle and the latter becoming increasingly niche collector’s items. In 2016, only the Nintendo 3DS and NES Classic seemed to be doing well financially, with sales are so strong they likely make up a large amount of the deficit incurred by the Wii U.

That trend is set to change this year with the release of the controversial Nintendo Switch system. It’s more of what Nintendo has become known for over the past decade – flashy, often gimmicky innovations with less focus on things like graphical improvements or raw power – and it has elicited the same response that many had when they first saw the Wii or the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo fans are excited about the closest thing gaming has ever had to a pure console and handheld hybrid, though, and third party consumer electronics company Snakebyte is prepared to capitalize on that anticipation with a range of accessories for both the Switch and the NES Classic.


Snakebyte‘s Nintendo Switch accessory lineup will feature a headset with 40mm drivers and a collection of items described as the Nintendo Switch Starter Kit. That kit will include a carrying bag for the system, stereo earbuds, a screen protector, game cases, and a cleaning cloth. It’s basic fare for a new system these days, but it is the kind of kit that will greatly benefit those who plan to travel with their Switch extensively.

Snakebyte will also be offering NES Classic accessories, which include a system adapter that allows the NES Classic to be plugged into a traditional power outlet instead of relying on its built-in USB charging. Snakebyte will also be releasing an extension cable for the NES Classic’s gamepad cable, which should come as a relief to many gamers who felt that the cable that comes with the NES Classic is much too short.

In all, Snakebyte’s new line of Nintendo accessories should be boons to any gamer who wants to pick up a Switch or the NES Classic in the near future, although the company has yet to release a price range for any of the products. The Nintendo Switch has a lot of gamers talking about what it could be, however, and manufacturers have clearly noticed that – expect more companies to begin publicly discussing their own accessory plans soon.

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