Since the Nintendo Switch launched earlier this year, the console has been nigh on impossible to find. While Nintendo has doubled production in an effort to get more consoles into the hands of eager fans, it doesn’t seem like this has been enough, as the company has again been forced to up the numbers.

According to a new report out of China that cites “sources from the upstream supply chain,” the Big N has now increased Nintendo Switch production to two million units a month. As a result of increasing demand for the console, Nintendo is now expected to produce 20 million Switch units in this year altogether.

The sources claim that production of the Nintendo Switch may increase even further in the coming year. Nintendo is reportedly set to begin selling its new console in China in early 2018, which will open it up to millions upon millions of potential players. The source’s claims are backed up by Nintendo’s recent announcement that it will be publishing a Switch game by Tencent, the Chinese gaming juggernaut and parent company of League of Legends developer Riot Games. The support of Tencent would also help Nintendo appeal to Chinese players specifically, even more so than the existing slate of games for the console.

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China has the largest games market in the world, but the country has only allowed the sale of games consoles in the past few years, with the Xbox One and PS4 both being officially available. It could be incredibly lucrative for Nintendo then if it decides to make an entry in the country too.

On the one hand, the increase in production is a very good thing for those still struggling to get their hands on the console. Recent reports suggested that the Nintendo Switch could be in short supply this holiday shopping season. Shock shortages are being felt by prospective buyers all over the globe, from the United States to Nintendo’s home country in Japan, but hopefully, this will be a little less severe the rest of the year with the production increase.

On the other hand, however, a Chinese launch for the console could mean that anyone hoping to buy a Nintendo Switch next year may struggle to find one. Fingers crossed that Nintendo really is planning to increase production next year, as the sources claim so that everyone has a chance to get the console.

The Nintendo Switch is available now.

Source: Digitimes

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