Nintendo Switch's First Special Edition Is Monster Hunter Themed


Just recently, Monster Hunter XX received a trailer for its Switch iteration to show off the Japanese version of Capcom's forthcoming role-playing game, and now it looks like the title is set to be the initial release that influences the design theme for Nintendo's first special edition of its newest console. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, the unique system is a limited-edition item, is only available in Japan, and according to its listing on Capcom's online store, it has already sold out completely.

As seen in the image at the top of the article, the Monster Hunter XX-themed Nintendo Switch is essentially the standard gray edition of the console, but its dock has some white-colored insignia on its front that borders the system's logo. Of course, to make the package extra exceptional, an actual copy of the upcoming game will come with the special edition as well.


While the Monster Hunter XX-themed console is a decidedly great idea for the Big N, it's interesting that Nintendo didn't offer up any kind of unique version of the Switch at launch. After all, the company could have created one with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild designs in order to goad even more sales of the system along with the action-adventure title.

Naturally, though, with Nintendo being known for selling some of its past consoles in different hues and designs, it's quite likely that the Monster Hunter XX-themed Switch is just the first of many unique systems to come. After all, with its iconic plumber mascot set to have his own release come out for the platform later this year with Super Mario Odyssey, it's possible that Nintendo will offer up yet another special edition that reflects the colors and artwork of the long-running platforming franchise.

Monster Hunter XX is set to release on August 25, 2017 in Japan for the Nintendo Switch, but a Western date has yet to be announced.

Source: Capcom

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