GR Pick: Nintendo Switch Modded With SNES Color Buttons


Ever since the Nintendo Switch released last month, imaginative fans have come up with some creative mod designs to liven up the console's standard grey-colored Joy-Cons. Taking inspiration from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System's controller, one fan has managed to liven up their Switch by changing out the Joy-Con's buttons for some brightly-colored replacements.

Nintendo Switch SNES Mod

Having decided that waiting for Nintendo to release some retro SNES Nintendo Switch skins and designs was out of the question, YouTuber JordiPower decided to insert his own SNES-themed buttons into his Switch controller. While painting Joy-Cons a different color is easy, swapping out the controller's buttons is a far more difficult task, as documented by JordiPower's new Switch tutorial video below.

Using the ABXY buttons from the new 3DS handheld, some tools, and some old-fashioned elbow grease, JordiPower managed to swap out the Switch's standard buttons for some SNES-styled replacements after many hours of precise measurements and careful crafting. Compared to some other imaginative fan-made designs, such as the eye-catching see-through Switch skin, JordiPower's SNES-themed buttons is a mod that will require considerably more patience and skill, though the subtle yet eye-catching end result is certainly worth the effort.

JordiPower's SNES button mod is far from the first Switch design that takes inspiration from older Nintendo console designs. Gamers were very impressed with a fan-made Gamecube Switch skin that made the rounds a couple of weeks ago, though that design was merely a convincing photoshop job compared to JordiPower's SNES-themed project.

When Will Official Switch Skins Release?

While the Nintendo Switch has certainly caught gamers' attention worldwide for its unique handheld/console hybrid design, it appears to have inspired many fans to be creative with what can be done with the platform in terms of aesthetics. Not only have many interesting Joy-Con skin and button designs been hitting the internet in recent weeks, but some fans have even managed to give the console's docking station a more eye-pleasing (and occasionally better functioning) revamp, such as this docking station built out of a Nintendo 64.

nintendo 64 switch dock

It remains to be seen whether Nintendo will take influence from the recent slate of retro fan-made Switch designs and release its own official line, though it may be unlikely in the short-term due to Switch skins causing cosmetic damage to the Joy-Cons. But for those who want that SNES look back in their life, JordiPower has shown a way on how to infuse a bit of nostalgia and color into the Switch with just a bit of effort and a few 3DS buttons.

Source: YouTube

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