Nintendo Switch Mini Dock Looks Awesome

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After the disappointing lifespan of the WiiU, Nintendo's latest console in the Switch has proven to be a boon for Japanese company. Thanks to strong first party games and third party support, the console has continue to sell extremely well, even with a few minor flaws. It's widely accepted that the Switch isn't as powerful as its Sony and Microsoft counterparts, though many would argue that the real issue is with the docking station.

While users have reported that the console heat has not only warped the casing, the docking station just doesn't fit with the portable theme as it's big and bulky. Accessory maker Human Things is working to fix that issue with their latest device known as the Genki covert dock. It combines the charger and dock into a tiny device that is 10 times smaller without sacrificing any of the power.

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Using Gallium Nitride technology instead of the typical Silicone style chargers, the device also has foldable prongs and comes with three additional ports for USB-C, HDMI and a USB 3.1 accessory port. For Switch players, simply plug the switch into the Genki and then plug it into a TV or display through HDMI. Interested individuals can get a deal on the Genki for $49 during the Kickstarter campaign, a sizable savings from Nintendo's own first party charger and docking station.

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What's interesting about this product besides the fact that it can replace the bulky Nintendo Switch docking station, is that it's also compatible with most USB-C devices. This includes things like Apple Macbook Air, Google Pixel 3, GoPro Hero 7, Samsung Galaxy S9, and more. The small device is also able to pass data through the USB 3.1 port, meaning that users can connect accessories into it as well such as wireless mouses, USB Flash Drives, and hard drives if needed.

It's clear that this is something people are interested in because the project reached its goal within 40 minutes after going live on August 8. In fact, the product continues to gain support in terms of backers and the amount of funds it's receiving. The team initially only requested $50,000 to make this project and at the time of this writing it has surpassed well over $400,000 with 35 days remaining. It appears that the GENKI Covert Dock is going to go down as another big Kickstarter success story.

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