Here's What the Nintendo Switch Mini Could Look Like


One Nintendo fan creates several Nintendo Switch Mini designs, providing a glimpse at what a smaller version of the console could like. The suggestion that Nintendo will release a Switch Mini console were offered up by financial analysts last week.

The fan has taken the core principles of the Switch Mini (such as the fact it wouldn't come with a dock and would need to be smaller for children) and has created some concepts around it. While the existing Nintendo Switch has a 6.2 inch tablet, the Switch Mini would suit a 5-inch screen, per this design.

With these designs, the original poster envisions a console with rounder edges. They also suggest that the Switch Mini would still work with the existing console dock along with the existing Joy-Con controllers. Given that Nintendo plans to offer a standalone dock and already offers additional Joy-Cons (and Joy-Con accessories) it makes sense that the company would make a newer Switch work with those add-ons, to avoid splitting the accessory market and angering Switch players who've already invested in accessories.


What would also make sense is if the Nintendo Switch Mini was priced at less than $200. Although the analysts who came up with the idea of the Switch Mini didn't speculate about a price for the console, the fact that the Mini would be cheaper would no doubt be a key selling point. An affordable price, along with a bright and bold range of colors (as pictured above) would make it a good gift that appeals to children and their cash-strapped parents.

Fans have even begun to speculate when this downsized version of the console might go on sale. They argue that Nintendo will only roll out the console when sales of the Nintendo 3DS and the 2DS (the company's handheld consoles) 'die off' and 'especially' when the Pokemon series elects to drop 3DS support.

With Nintendo 3DS sales still strong and with the future of the Pokemon series (and its future launch platforms) still being discussed, it's hard to suggest an exact date when all of these factors will fall into place. However, the initial analyst report pointed to a 2019 release for the Nintendo Switch Mini and it's reasonable to think that these factors will occur around that time.

Source: NeoGAF

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