Ubisoft Video Hints at Nintendo Switch Mario/Rabbids Crossover


The Mario/Raving Rabbids crossover RPG that Ubisoft is reportedly developing for the Nintendo Switch appears to have been teased in a new video from the company.

Earlier this month, there came reports that Ubisoft is working on a Mario/Raving Rabbids crossover for the Nintendo Switch. Set to be a launch title according to sources, the game would be a turn-based RPG in which the Rabbids invade the Super Mario universe.

With the game not officially announced, this information is all unconfirmed for now. But, a new video released by Ubisoft has provided a huge hint that the crossover really is on the cards.

The hint came from Ubisoft's 30th anniversary featurette. The video, which is just a couple of minutes long, shows how the company celebrated its birthday in Paris. While the event included much of what fans would expect (such as artwork from Ubisoft games and an appearance by CEO and co-founder Yves Guillemot), at about 24 seconds into the video, viewers can see several statues that imagine Mario, Luigi, and Toad as Rabbids.


There is no obvious reason (other than a crossover) for these figures to be featured. It seems highly likely that Ubisoft featured the character statues in the video as a 'teaser' for the aforementioned Nintendo Switch game. After all, Ubisoft events project manager Coralline Dufour does note that the 30th anniversary is both a celebration of what the company has done and a "sneak peek of what will come next," and this would be in line with that.

It should also be noted that the game reportedly features a version of Bowser that's based on the Rabbids design. So, again, the Mario/Luigi/Toad Rabbids designs are in line with previous speculation about the game.

Assuming that the Mario/Rabbids game really is happening and that is the Nintendo Switch 'surprise' that Ubisoft has been teasing, it won't be too long until gamers get to see it in action. The initial report detailing the crossover suggested that the game would be revealed that the Nintendo Switch event in January.

All eyes are already set to be on this event, as the Switch release date and price will be officially confirmed here too. This means that the Mario/Raving Rabbids crossover has a prime chance to show off what the console can do – not just in terms of the hardware's features (such as its vibrating Joy-Con controllers) but also in terms of what kind of original gameplay experiences the Switch can offer, establishing the console as a 'must-buy' system.

Source: VideoGamer

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