10 Pro Tips For The Nintendo Switch Lite You Should Know

The Switch Lite is the first new iteration that the massively succesful Nintendo Switch has gotten since launch. The budget Switch retails for $200, and strips a number of features in order to hit this price point, with the main omission being the ability to dock the console for TV play. Today, we'll be going over ten different things that you should know if you plan on buying a Switch Lite. Let's jump into it.

10 It Can't Play Every Game (Out Of The Box)

When you first buy the console, there are some games that you simply won't be able to play without an additional purchase. The biggest title that comes to mind is Super Mario Party, as disconnected Joycons are needed to enjoy this title. As such, you'll need to pay $60 to buy the game, along with an additional $7o pair of Joycons. As such, make sure that you review all of the games that you buy so you know that they're playable without an additional fee.

9 Get Some Accessories

With that said, it's always nice to have some accessories when you buy a new console. As you'll be playing the Switch on the go, a carrying case for the system and your game cards is recommended. Along with that, a pair of extra Joycons for friends is also a good decision. The Switch Pro Controller and a portable battery would also be a fine choice. A Bluetooth adapter might also be a great idea. Choose what accessories you'll need, as there are simply a ton to choose from.

8 There's No HD Rumble Or Infrared

Know what you're missing out on when you buy the Lite. The system is missing features such as HD Rumble and Infrared, along with the aforementioned docking ability. These aren't necessarily deal-breakers, but some missing functionality in games that use these features may make the games harder to play.

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If you're thinking of buying the Lite, just know what you're getting into so you can make the right decision.

7 It Has A D-Pad

However, the system also has some additional functionality that makes some games easier to play. The system actually comes with a functioning D-Pad, something Nintendo fans have been requesting from the original Switch's Joycons for some time. This will make things such as 2D titles easier to play, so you're not simply losing features when you buy the Lite, you're also gaining. While not a huge addition, it can change the way you play some games.

6 There Will Likely Be More Styles

One nice thing about the Switch Lite is the various different colors that it comes in. There are currently three colors and a limited-edition Pokémon version announced. It is super likely that new variations will be released over time. They could be new colors, or they could be more limited edition styles such as the aforementioned Pokémon variant. If you're looking for a version of the Switch that shows off your personality a bit more than the colored Joycons can, then the Switch Lite is the system for you.

5 SD Card Storage Expansion

The Switch only has 32 gigabytes of storage available, but going all-digital is a very tantalizing proposition for the system. Well, just like the original model, the Switch lite has expandable memory through a microSD card. If you're hoping to cut cartridges out completely with your Switch lite, get a microSD card.

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The cards are fairly cheap, and come in just about any size that you're hoping to nab. All digital for this portable platform is a nice thought, just make sure that you know what you need to buy.

4 It Has Solid Battery Life

The Switch Lite has a better battery than the original Switch model, going up to seven hours at max, depending on how you use the system. While this isn't as great as the nine hours you can get out of the new skew of the original Switch that was released, it is still quite a bit of playtime. If you're hoping for a bit more, there are plenty of cheap portable batteries that can squeeze even more time out of the system.

3 It's More Portable Than The Original Model

The new Switch Lite is obviously made to be played on the go, and as such, it is easier to take with you throughout the day. The Switch Lite is, as the name would suggest, much lighter than the original Switch. This makes it easier to be thrown into a backpack or purse as you go about your day, pulling it out whenever you have some time for gaming. However, there is another reason that the Switch Lite is better for this purpose than its predecessor.

2 It's Stronger Than The Original

The new Nintendo Switch Lite is a much stronger system than the original Nintendo Switch. Due to the heavier weight and sliding Joycons, the original Switch could be a bit vulnerable to damage and falls. The new Switch Lite is a lighter system that is fully connected. As such, problems are less likely to crop up with this system. Sure, you can certainly still damage the system, always be careful with your gaming devices. However, an accidental drop or two likely won't be a big problem.

1 The Price Might Not Be Worth The Sacrifices

Just know what you're losing out on when you buy this system. A set of two controllers right from the start, the dock and docking abilities, HD rumble, infrared, there's a lot that you're cutting to hit that $100 price decrease. However, all of those lost features add up to a lot more than $100. Sure, you might not care about any of those features, but it is certainly worth thinking about. If you don't need to dock and don't care about some fancy features, go for it. But if any of these losses are concerning to you, it might be worth saving up the extra $100 and going for the original Switch. Either way you go, you're gaining access to an absolutely fantastic library of games.

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