Nintendo Switch Lite Won't Support All Games

Nintendo Switch Lite doesn't support some games

After announcing the Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo confirmed that the console wouldn't support TV mode or tabletop mode. This isn't entirely unexpected from a smaller, more portable device. However, it does mean that the Nintendo Switch Lite will not support all Nintendo Switch games.

Some games on the Nintendo Switch can only be played in TV mode, or tabletop mode, meaning that the Nintendo Switch Lite won't be able to play them. Some games, though, can still be played on the Nintendo Switch Lite if players purchase a set of Joy-Con controllers. Being able to buy more Joy-Cons as a workaround does mean that Nintendo Switch Lite owners won't be completely barred from playing some games, but it does make the console much less affordable.

One of the games that doesn't support handheld mode, the mode that Nintendo Switch Lite games are played in, is Nintendo Labo. Nintendo's DIY controller crafting kits, which allow players to create robots, pianos, and steering wheels, won't work with the Nintendo Switch Lite. This may be disappointing for some parents, who had planned to buy the cheaper Nintendo Switch Lite for their children and enjoy games likes Nintendo Labo as a family.

super mario party roster

Another game that can't be played by a Nintendo Switch Lite out of the box is Super Mario Party. To play the multiplayer party game Nintendo Switch Lite owners will have to get a set of Joy-Cons which can then be connected to the console wirelessly. This could make Super Mario Party one very expensive game for Nintendo Switch Lite owners, and those on a budget will just have to sit it out.

There's also the Just Dance series, which also can't be played on the Nintendo Switch Lite without buying some Joy-Con controllers. One positive is that Ubisoft does support Nintendo consoles for a long time, with this year's Just Dance game coming to the Nintendo Wii. So, in the time it takes someone to save up for all of the Joy-Con controllers they'll need, new Just Dance titles will probably still be being released on the device.

This may make some prospective Nintendo Switch Lite owners think twice about buying the console. However, Nintendo may just see this as smart business. The Nintendo Switch Lite appeals to those on a budget or who want a second console, while those who still want to play games like Super Mario Party will just spend a bit more to get the normal version of the console.

Nintendo Switch Lite launches on September 20.

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