Nintendo Switch Left Joycon is Designed Different from Right

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As several users have reported since the console's release, the left Joy-Con for the Nintendo Switch has suffered from connection problems where it will temporarily disconnect from the rest of the hardware. Now, a new video from YouTuber Spawn Wave suggests that the issus may stem from a design fault inside the controller itself.

In the video below, Spawn Wave disassembles the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con and notices that the two controllers differ from each other in a small but important way. Where the right hand device has an external antenna that is attached to the controller's motherboard, the left Joy-Con actually has the aerial embedded in the board itself - something that is sure to have an effect on the connectivity of the assembled product.

The issue might also be caused by the antenna coming into contact with the metal that holds the analogue stick in place on the controller, claims the YouTuber. In the video, Spawn Wave comments that it might be possible to extend the range of the left Joy-Con by simply adding an external antenna to the motherboard with a piece of wiring.

This was later confimed on the hardware-savvy channel's Twitter account, where the user posted an update claiming that he has made progress with the device's range problems. With a little work, the left Joy-Con can out-range the right one with a 40 ft limit, suggesting that Nintendo might have really dropped the ball when it comes to production. If this claim is backed up, it's possible that the company will see a fairly substantial backlash or product recall situation for those who have encountered the issues.

Its still not perfect, but way better than before. The left Joycon now out ranges my right joycon.

— Spawn Wave (@SpawnWaveMedia) March 6, 2017

For their own part, Nintendo have come up with a range of explanations for why the left Joy-Con is suffering. Players are advised to move devices such as laptops, microwaves, and cordless phones away from the Nintendo Switch, as well as ensuring that their hardware is fully charged, though it seems that the fault could actually be on the developer's end in this case.

The Nintendo Switch is out now.

Source: Spawn Wave (via YouTube)

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