Nintendo Switch Hack Shows Left Joy-Con Sync Fix

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Now that the Nintendo Switch has been out for a few days, it's clear to see that handy portable console has been performing admirably in global markets. Despite the successful launch, a few recurring problems with the otherwise full-of-potential portable console having been identified, and fans are currently waiting for The Big N to come up with some permanent solutions for these issues. The first widespread problem is a connectivity issue with the left Joy-Con, but one YouTube channel claims to have just found a permanent fix for those with some soldering know-how.

The video was posted by the Spawn Wave YouTube channel, where the investigative Nintendo fans took a look at what they believe to be the root cause of the entire Left Joy-Con connectivity issue: its antenna. Within the two separate controllers, the right Joy-Con features a removable antenna that is housed as a removable component of the case. Conversely, the left Joy-Con's antenna is physically attached to the innards of the left controller, and borders the metal casing that is aligned with the thumb stick.

Spawn Wave theorizes that this proximity to the metal casing, which is also on part of the controller consistently being covered by a hand when the left Joy-Con is in use, is the source of Nintendo's wireless connectivity issues. The channel then took it upon themselves to extend the antenna down to a better section of the left Joy-Con, and reported that this seems to have alleviated the widespread connectivity issues.

It's worth noting that the above YouTube channel is just one report claiming to have found a hardware-based fixed for the issue, so the feasibility of this solution should be taken with a grain of salt.  While it makes sense from a technical perspective, opening up and modifying the hardware of the Nintendo Switch is a pretty serious endeavor , and as of right now can't be called a guaranteed fix - though those with soldering know-how may be able to perform this fix handily.

What do you think about this technical solution to the left Joy-Con issue, Ranters?

The Nintendo Switch is currently available now.

Source: Spawn Wave

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