Game Development Industry Congratulates Nintendo on Switch Launch

nintendo switch launch congratulate

The day has finally come where gamers around the world can get their hands on the Nintendo Switch. With a launch title list boasting the likes of the much-anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the zippy Snipperclips and an apparent promise for versatile gameplay, the Switch was shaping up to be a success. And those in the game development world seem to agree, joining in the launch celebration to congratulate Nintendo for its official Switch launch.

Industry giants like PlayStation and Xbox, popular game franchises like Sonic the Hedgehog, publishers such as Ubisoft, and even third-party and indie developers themselves took to Twitter to give Nintendo congratulations and well wishes. It looks like praise, good spirits, and satisfaction are all high post-Nintendo Switch launch.

Both PlayStation and PlayStation U.K. offered kudos to their respective Nintendo regions, and expressed their desire to take the Switch for a spin.

Xbox chimed in with applause and an "achievement unlocked" GIF to celebrate.

Xbox across the pond followed suit with its own digital gift.

Reminding fans of one of the Nintendo Switch launch titles, Just Dance 2017, Ubisoft also gave sincere congratulations.

Indie games company Rebellion coined the console launch day "Switchmas," and claimed the excitement for the versatile system was real.

NVIDIA, the tech company behind the Switch's Tegra processor, cheered Nintendo on.

Browser game publisher Armor Games applauded Nintendo for the impressive launch and for its inclusion of new Switch indie games.

Xbox executive and corporate vice president Mike Ybarra was especially blown away by Breath of the Wild for the Switch.

Similarly, Mark Julio, an executive with Razer, EVO, and the popular fighting series Tekken, had his eyes on Zelda and Link as soon as the Switch launched.

And who knew the Tekken franchise had such a knack for adventure?

In expected fashion, everyone's favorite speedy hedgehog was quick to congratulate Nintendo.

Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry Hyrb gave praise for the console and kept up with the Breath of the Wild hype.

Indie games developer Sumo Digital and German publisher Deep Silver both offered up congratulatory tweets.

With so many developers, publishers, and executives coming together to celebrate the release of the Nintendo Switch, fans of the companies have done so, too. Gamers know firsthand the tension that can arise between two competing systems, and to see the minds behind systems like Xbox and PlayStation – ones that both have dedicated and loyal consumers and fanbases – joining in a single effort to congratulate Nintendo on a job well done is something quite special.

Though some players have reported left Joy-Con issues and it's been noted that the Switch battery life sits at only about three hours, the console comes packed with perks: it brings back friend codes and will even pause game progress in the case the console runs out of battery mid-game. Time will tell how large a success the Nintendo Switch will be overall, but based on the series of congratulatory statements, the console's ability to bring gamers and companies together, and its electric launch titles, things are looking up.

The Nintendo Switch is available now.

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