Nintendo Switch Launch Deliveries Delayed in the UK

Nintendo Switch launch delivery problems UK

Some shoppers in the United Kingdom are very unhappy today, as Nintendo Switch launch deliveries have reportedly been delayed in the region. UK gamers who purchased Nintendo Switch units – even those who pre-ordered the console back in January – are now being told by several retailers that their shipments will not arrive today and may take a few days to show up at their door.

Those who have purchased Nintendo Switch consoles from GAME are receiving emails saying that their consoles are still in the retailer's warehouse. Plus, they're being told that DPD, the firm delivering the console to the customer's door, has yet to receive the package.

Since the complaints rolled in on social media, the company has issued a statement clarifying that all pre-order shipments will be delivered by midday of tomorrow, March 4. GAME has apologized to customers and has confirmed that it is contacting all of those affected. GAME customers will be especially upset as this is not the first time the retailer has been embroiled in a delivery scandal, with the company once struggling to deliver Fallout Pip-Boys because of banking errors.

For those who ordered Nintendo Switch units from ShopTo or the official Nintendo UK store, there is less luck. ShopTo deliveries are also being fulfilled by DPD though some customers say they haven't received their orders, suggesting that the delivery firm cannot keep up with the high demand. The Nintendo UK store, which is run by The Hut Group, has said that deliveries won't arrive until days after the Nintendo Switch launch.

The confusion surrounding deliveries especially disappointing as many people pre-ordered to guarantee that they would get the console at launch. Some even took the day off of work to play the console and now feel as though they have wasted a day, or are being forced into taking another day off to make sure that they can be there for the delivery.

Originally, Nintendo UK assured people that there would not be a shortage of consoles at launch in the region. Even so, many of those who have pre-ordered and are without a console will be wishing that they had just taken their chance and walked into a store to buy one instead of ordering online.

The Nintendo Switch is out now.

Source: Eurogamer

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