With the Nintendo Switch launching in just a few days on Friday, March 3, pre-orders for the console are sold out almost everywhere. But if you’re still looking to get your hands on the new console/handheld hybrid, there’s still a chance to buy the hardware from select retailers on launch day. According to WWG, the Switch will be available to purchase without a pre-order at Best Buy and Target outlets.

Best Buy claims that it will have supplies of the Nintendo Switch ready for walk-in customers, and that the majority of its stores will also be holding midnight openings. The site is also advertising 4K TVs to go alongside your new console, though it’s worth mentioning that the Switch can only perform at a 1080p resolution. The company is also reportedly giving out free The Legend of Zelda posters to celebrate the release, while stocks last.

If you would prefer a later start, Target will open its doors at 8 AM where Nintendo fans can purchase the console without a reservation, simply by turning up on time. A range of extra purchases such as the new Breath of the Wild Amiibo, additional Joy-Con, and any of the game’s limited launch line-up will also be available to browse.

For UK readers, Nintendo seem to be confident in their ability to supply additional Switch consoles, claiming that there will be no shortages of the hardware in stores on Day One. After that point, steady shipments of Switchs will be coming over the course of the following months.

Of course, with a launch this popular, you can expect any spare Switch setups to be grabbed immediately and sold online for a small fortune, so be sure to get there early enough if you’re set on buying the console at launch. One eager Nintendo fan has caught the attention of the press by resolving to camp for a whole month, just to be first in line to buy the Switch at release. You won’t need to be quite that early, but arriving an hour or two before opening is a surefire way to secure your console on launch day.

The Nintendo Switch releases March 3, 2017.

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