The Nintendo Switch's Late Night Debut Reveals More About The Console


Gamers carefully analyze footage of Jimmy Fallon and Reggie Fils-Aime trying out the Nintendo Switch, and determine that the console is definitely worth the hype.

The official reveal trailer for the Nintendo Switch convinced plenty of gamers to feel optimistic about Nintendo again, but it also left a lot of questions unanswered. Then, after discovering that some of the games shown being played on the Switch might not actually come to the console, many fans were left wondering how much of the trailer's footage could be believed. As such, Jimmy Fallon's recent hands-on experience with the Nintendo Switch has been examined carefully, and some now believe that they've uncovered new information about the system.

Redditors poured over the footage of Jimmy Fallon playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on The Tonight Show, and are quite pleased with what they see. In short, the fans have come to the conclusion that swapping between the docked console and the handheld portable version of the Switch can be accomplished in just seconds, and that removing the portable screen from the base automatically prompts the game to pause so gamers can transition without any negative consequences.

In addition, fans were pleased to see that the Switch handheld appears to be a very lightweight device. This may not surprise some, since it bears a strong resemblance to a tablet, but Fallon occasionally held the portable version with just one hand with ease. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the Switch appears to provide a superior playing experience for The Breath of the Wild. Viewers noted that the draw distance appeared to be higher and its frame rate is smoother, indicating that the Switch is technically superior to the Wii U.


Until players can get their hands on the console themselves, a lot of questions will still remain regarding the Nintendo Switch. Thankfully, players will get their chance not too long from now, as Nintendo will hold a Switch event in New York, where a select amount of players will be allowed to give the Switch a try. In addition, Nintendo will finally reveal what the console will cost, which is surely a question on many gamers' minds.

Although the reveal trailer for the Nintendo Switch looked promising, seeing unedited footage of real-time gameplay is a much better indicator of what the Nintendo Switch is actually capable of. That being said, there seems to be quite a bit still under wraps, especially with GameStop accidentally revealing the Nintendo Switch's motion controllers before the developer itself could. Thankfully, gamers will only have to wait until January 12th to know for sure how much the system will cost and what it's really capable of.

The Nintendo Switch is due to release in March 2017.

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