Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Can Connect To PC, But There's A Problem

nintendo switch joy-con

Since the Nintendo Switch was released at the end of last week, users have been testing out the console and its peripherals. This is how users discovered that the Switch Pro Controller works with PC, and it turns out that the console's Joy-Con controllers also work with a computer. However, there's one slight problem for PC gamers looking to use the Joy-Cons on PC - the controllers do not work as one complete controller, but instead work separately.

Since the controllers are Bluetooth-based, there is no issue in getting the controllers paired with PC, but unfortunately each of the two Nintendo Switch controllers is paired separately. Because of this, the PC itself will recognize each Joy-Con as its own separate controller, as opposed to the combined controller that it forms when used for the Switch. As it stands, there does not seem to be a way to get a PC to pair with the Joy-Cons as a duo.

Although that may disappoint some Switch owners looking to get a little more use out of the Joy-Cons by also playing on PC, it's unlikely that this will cause much of an issue, particularly with the multitude of PC-compatible controllers available. For those desperate to use a singular Joy-Con on PC, however, the below video from YouTuber DreWoof confirms that the pairing of Joy-Con and PC is possible.

So far, the Switch has been taking the video game world by storm. Nintendo has confirmed that the console received the best two day sales of any Nintendo console ever, breaking records in the Americas and in Europe. Should that commercial success continue, then Nintendo could certainly be on to something special with the Switch.

However, it's not all been positive for Nintendo, and some of the less-than-stellar news has actually revolved around the Joy-Con controllers themselves. Many Switch users have found that the controllers suffer from sync issues, with the controllers sometimes disconnecting entirely. Nintendo has advised that these problems may be caused by interference with other wireless objects, but this is an issue that certainly needs to be resolved.

Nonetheless, the console - and its controllers - have made quite an impression within the first week of release. Hopefully, the Switch will continue to impress, and the console's line-up of titles will mean that the Joy-Cons themselves aren't needed for PC gaming any time soon.

Source: DreWoof (YouTube)

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