Nintendo Is Fixing the Joy-Con Problem with Foam

nintendo switch joy-con

When the Nintendo Switch launched earlier this month, many gamers ran into connectivity problems with the console's left Joy-Con. The issue came to light as soon as pre-release consoles were sent to developers, and these errors continued once the console went live on March 3rd. Now, Nintendo customer support seems to have discovered a relatively simple hardware-related fix for the issue: a piece of foam.

To be more specific, the foam is supposedly a piece of conductive foam, which has been treated with nickel, copper, or a combination of both in an effort to shield sensitive electronics from RF interference. While most electronics use a more traditional shield for this purpose, sometimes there isn't room for this plating - and thus the conductive foam comes into play. In the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons case, it seems to do the trick.

Interested gamers can see the easy fix below:

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Fix

The fix is far easier than what other homebrew methods have had DIY gamers trying so far, and we suspect that dedicated gamers unafraid of opening up their own Joy-Cons may even be persuaded to pick up some conductive foam and attempt the fix themselves. For what it's worth, the person who discovered this easy fix had their controller shipped to Nintendo and received the fixed unit within a week, which is some pretty speedy servicing on Nintendo's part.

Alternatively, some retailers have offered refunds for those who ran into the Joy-Con's widespread connectivity issues, but at least those who want to avoid that route now know that a relatively easy fix is at hand. While it's something no software update can fix, on the scale of potential hardware problems, this falls pretty low on the scale of difficulty to fix.

The Nintendo Switch has had a few hardware problems since its launch earlier this month, with many fans reporting that the Nintendo Dock has a propensity to become malformed, resulting in users accidentally scratching the screen of their Nintendo Switch units when they slide it into the plastic dock. To avoid these scratches, gamers have begun putting screen protectors on their portable consoles and lining their docks with delicate cloth. Ironically, we suppose foam would solve that problem, too.

What do you think about the easy Joy-Con fix, Ranters?

The Nintendo Switch is currently available now.

Source: CNet

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