Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers On Sale at Walmart

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Two and a half years have passed since the Nintendo Switch launched and introduced the world to its Joy-Con controllers. That’s enough time that most players by now have probably bought as many Joy-Cons as they need. For the rest, now is a good time to consider buying a pair or two of Nintendo's devices, as Walmart is offering them at discounted prices.

It’s safe to say, the Joy-Cons are impressive pieces of technology. These controllers can seamlessly swap between being attached to the Switch, being detached from it, functioning as their own separate mini-controllers, and working together as two halves of a whole. Despite the valid concerns of their small size and the infamous issue of “Joy-Con drift,” it’s incredible that they work at all, and usually work so well.

The discount in question is actually a continuation of Walmart’s discounting of Switch games and controllers from early September. And while the games have mostly seen their prices begin to rise back up to their original numbers, the Joy-Cons have only seen an increase of, at the most, twenty cents.

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Typically, a pair of Joy-Cons retail for around $80, but these discounts cut about $10-13 off of that. That might not sound like the greatest deal in the world, but anyone interested either in getting more Joy-Cons, or replacing ones affected by Joy-Con drift, it should be welcome regardless. As before, there are three options for them to pick from: Gray ($66.99), Neon Red and Blue ($66.99), and Neon Pink and Green ($69.00).

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The Joy-Cons aren’t the only Switch controller Walmart is offering at a reduced price. There’s also the Switch Pro Controller. The discount here isn’t as big as it is for the Joy-Cons, as it’s currently available at just around $7 below its normal price. But then again, the normal price of Switch’s more conventional gamepad is lower to begin with, at $70. At any rate, the Pro Controller is currently available in its default Black for $62.06.

New Switch owners may want to consider going with this option instead. While the Joy-Cons are impressive pieces of technology, they’re not really required for most Switch games. Also, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, while limited a little more by its traditional form factor, largely comes with the same features as the Joy-Cons, including gyroscopic controls and amiibo support. Something for prospective buyers to keep in mind, however they lean.

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