More Switch Details Revealed In Hardware Overview Video

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New video from Nintendo shows off how the Nintendo Switch's unique hardware features make the hybrid console easy and comfortable to enjoy wherever gamers play.

With the Nintendo Switch release less than a month away, Nintendo is hard at work releasing new details about the hybrid console and the games coming with it. The Nintendo Switch crams a ton of features into a small package, with plenty of ways for owners to enjoy the Nintendo Switch solo or with friends.

To help gamers understand what all the Nintendo Switch hardware has to offer, Nintendo has put together a convenient three-minute video that details the console. The video, which can be seen below, details how users can play the Nintendo Switch in TV mode, handheld mode, and tabletop mode. It also shows how the Joy-Cons work in each configuration so gamers can enjoy a comfortable, entertaining experience.

The first half of the video delivers information that most gamers are already familiar with. The Nintendo Switch dock connects to a user’s TV via an HDMI cable, and holds the Nintendo Switch unit when gamers want to play on the TV. The Joy-Con controllers click to the side of the handheld touchscreen display when gamers want to play on the go. Or gamers can prop the screen up on the device’s built-in stand and play with friends using the Joy-Cons as individual controllers.

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The video also covers the Wi-Fi connection that allows up to eight Nintendo Switch consoles to play together at once via local connection. The Wi-Fi also allows Nintendo Switch owners to play online with friends and strangers.

Where the video gets really interesting is the deep dive into how the Joy-Cons work. One of the most unique features of the Joy-Cons is the new “HD rumble” system. HD rumble allows the Joy-Cons to provide different tactile experiences for each hand based on what gamers are doing with the handheld devices. Thanks to gyroscopes and accelerometers, the controllers allow for impressive motion control options.

The right Joy-Con comes with an NFC read and write feature that allows the Nintendo Switch to support amiibo. The left controller comes complete with a share button that allows Nintendo Switch users to grab screenshots while they play their favorite games.

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Each controller also comes with enough triggers and buttons for any type of gameplay. The R/L and ZR/ZL triggers work for single-player gameplay. When gamers detach the Joy-Con controllers to play games with friends on a single Nintendo Switch, each controller comes with SR and SL buttons so players can maintain many of the controls they want for their favorite multiplayer games, such as 1-2 Switch and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

All together, it looks like Nintendo Switch owners will have plenty to enjoy when the console launches on March 3rd. With 10 games now launching alongside the newest Nintendo device, there’ll be plenty for players to enjoy.

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Nintendo Switch launches March 3, 2017.

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