Nintendo Switch Already Hacked

nintendo switch hack

The Nintendo Switch has been available for less than two weeks and already it seems some gamers have found a way to hack into the console’s system. The Nintendo Switch hack comes by way of a simple browser exploit that was previously used to jailbreak Apple iOS 9.3 devices.

The hack comes by way of iOS hacker, qwertyoruiop, and was confirmed by fellow hacker LiveOverflow. With the hack confirmed, a proof of concept has been released online, allowing other hackers to break into the Nintendo Switch to access limited online video streaming and start digging around the console’s guts.

We’ll quickly note that the exploit doesn’t seem to allow the hackers to execute any unofficial code within the system, meaning they can’t change the way the Nintendo Switch works or hack into the currently available games, like the highly-praised The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Hackers also can’t compromise any personal information from other Nintendo Switch owners.

However, the exploit does allow the hackers to better examine the console’s operating system and internal code, which may eventually lead to more hacks in the future, including some that could compromise the way the console works.

So how does such an exploit exist within the Nintendo Switch, especially one that’s already known from the days of iOS 9.3? It turns out Nintendo seems to have implemented an outdated Webkit with an HTTP codebase necessary for the console’s WiFi network. The codebase has been patched for iOS 9.3 and other systems, but it seems Nintendo used an older version. While a fix should be in bound, it’s somewhat confusing as to why Nintendo allowed the consoles to ship with an outdated codebase that was previously exploited.

With that in mind, it’s likely Nintendo will offer a fix soon to the codebase that patches up the exploit, but the damage may already be done. Time will tell if hackers will find any other exploits in the Nintendo Switch that allows them to alter the console’s code. If that’s the case, Nintendo may have a big of a challenge on its hands trying to clean up any problems that result from these hacks.

In the meantime, Nintendo Switch owners shouldn’t worry too much about the exploit for their own consoles since the exploit is relatively small and won’t hinder their experience.

Source: LiveOverFlow - YouTube

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