Nintendo Switches Given to Southwest Airlines Passengers for Free

Nintendo Switch Box

Air travel is an art that hasn't quite been perfected yet, with many people dreading the experience of navigating through airport security, facing delays, and suffering through long flights in a cramped cabin. But that doesn't mean that the experience has to be all bad, especially when free stuff is involved. While this usually just means complimentary dry pretzels, passengers on a recent Southwest Airlines flight got a much sweeter Super Mario Maker 2-themed surprise.

Earlier today, everyone onboard a Southwest flight heading from Dallas to San Diego received a free Nintendo Switch with a copy of Super Mario Maker 2one of Nintendo's newest games. The attendants handing out the system even did so while wearing Super Mario Maker-themed hard hats. The event quickly surfaced on Twitter, where a bunch of different travelers celebrated their new hybrid handhelds.

The move appears to be a collaboration with Nintendo, which has worked with Southwest Airlines in the past. The consoles don't appear to be the newly announced updated version of the Switch, but its still a cool gesture on the part of Nintendo and Southwest. It can be chalked up to a simple marketing stunt, but at least it will give those San Diego Comic-Con attendees on board something to do while they wait in queues at the event.

The game itself is also a huge bonus. Super Mario Maker 2 reviews have been pretty stellar, and, so far, even fans have been providing lots of positive feedback. There have been some strange occurrences as far as content moderation is concerned, with a popular creator recently having one of their top levels pulled for no apparent reason. However, beyond that, things have seemed incredibly bright.

It'll be interesting to see if any more giveaways like this happen in the future. Odds are that Nintendo and Southwest targeted a specific flight to give away the consoles knowing that it would go viral, but it's possible that something similar to this happens again. It probably isn't wise to bank on it, but maybe it'll give travelers something to look forward to the next time they have to go through airport security. For those still without a Switch, it may be worth investigating if the Switch Lite is worth buying.

Super Mario Maker 2 is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: IGN

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