Everyone has experienced the elation of finally getting their hands on a gaming system they’ve been pining after for months, subsequently pouring hours of play into said console. Gaming fans across the globe have documented those moments on film, capturing that feeling of bliss, and shared them with clip shows or uploaded them to YouTube for all to see. One in particular stands out amongst the crowd in the form of the so-called “N64 kid,” who flipped his lid when he unwrapped a Nintendo 64 console on Christmas morning in 1998. That clip, shared online on March 26th, 2005, quickly achieved meme status and was long considered the epitome of gaming enthusiasm. But now, a new competitor has entered: the Nintendo Switch kid.

A young boy had his own moment of pure euphoria when his parents, with a little help from their Google Home system, surprised him with a Switch for his seventh birthday. The clip starts with a bit of exposition, explaining that the boy had embarked on a treasure hunt to find out what his big present could be. He is first seen opening a laptop and pulling out a sheet of paper that instructs him to ask Google where his gift is. When the automated voice tells him it’s in the backyard. The boy gleefully runs out to retrieve his gift, then asks if he can finally open it. What follows is a happiness-induced meltdown of incredible proportions.

As soon as he sees the box for the record-breaking Nintendo console peeking through the wrapping paper, the young boy let’s out a loud screech. “Nintendo Switch!” he screams before flinging himself on the hardwood floor, using his legs to kick and spin his body around in circles. Many have aptly described this move as going “full Homer Simpson,” a reference to the time the beloved Simpsons character pulled a similar stunt. Like the N64 kid, the Nintendo Switch kid had external excitement egging him on, as his sisters joined in celebrating the moment.

nintendo switch kid reaction video

While most viewers thought the reaction video was adorable (if not slightly loud), others weren’t so charmed. One NeoGAF user went so far as to call the young boy a “materialistic little cretin,” with others stating that the clip solidified their desire to never have children and that they would never allow their children to “scream and shout like that.”

A common thread between the lovers and the haters of the video, however, was the comment that it didn’t appear as though the parents purchased any games for their son to play on his new system. Titles like Mario Kart Deluxe 8 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which has the Champions’ Ballad DLC releasing this holiday season, seemed to be missing from the overall packaging, though it can’t be said for certain whether games were wrapped up in a separate present.

In any case, and regardless of whether people enjoy or dislike the Nintendo Switch reaction video, it shows that the Big N has had a big impact on people for decades, with the “Switch boy” becoming the new generation’s N64 kid. Beyond that, it also proves that even seven months after the Switch officially released, hype about the versatile system hasn’t died down.

The Nintendo Switch is available now.

Source: Erick Garcia – YouTube, NeoGAF

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